Easy Methods For Precise Interest Marketing In The Uk

Now, Get Precise Interests back for the Facebook Ads! As all of us know that Facebook has removed Precise Interests Precise Interest Marketing Warriorforum for many advertisers, but this tool gives you access to them again. So, When you yourself have struggled previously with Facebook Custom Audiences then you can now put a STOP to the madness.

Who would like to spend hours scraping ID’s and importing all this stuff when you can now work with a very safe and NEW effective method called “Precise Interests “.Its push button simple to setup and are certain to get you defined audience getting more clicks at a lower ROI.

The creators have made over 1 million dollars in recent months applying this sneaky tool and are now actually surprisingly putting it out to the market. This is seriously addictive!

Precise Interest Marketing normally cost $97/month, but you are able to grab this tool for 75% discount for just $247/year.


No new tools to learn. Fully Integrated with FB Ads Manager : Precise Interest Marketing tool is built straight into the various tools you already use. You could add Precise Interests to many Facebook Ads with the click of a switch, the same as you’re used to doing.

Your Precise Interests are actually back in a Dropdown : Get access to all Precise Interests Facebook used to provide you with use of so you may get probably the most laser targeted audience

Get an unfair advantage : After Facebook removed this from their Ads UI, it became almost impossible for regular marketers to market against these audiences. With this specific tool, at this point you have access to a nearly untapped audience.

Completely TOS Compliant : Just like services like Qwaya, Precise Interest Marketing create your ads via an official API, supported by Facebook. Here is the same API used by huge marketing agencies that advertise with respect to Fortune 500 companies.

NO RISK! 100% money back Guarantee : If for reasons uknown you’re unsatisfied, you will get a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days. There is no risk! What are you currently looking forward to?

Precise Interests let you target users who like a specific page. For instance,’dalmatians’only selects individuals who like the single dalmatians page. That is different from the Broad Interest (#Dalmatians) including users who like a variety of dalmatian pages, or have even liked, commented on, or mentioned anything about dalmatians. When you get a more substantial audience with the Broad Interest, you can be super targeted with the Precise Interest, and that’s where you get the bigger CTR and ROI.

Yup, completely. Just like Qwaya, we manage your ads through an official API supported by Facebook.

Nope! In reality, you’ll get to select between Precise and Broad interests with your tool, and you may even choose a combination of both. Broad interests focus on a “#” (hashtag) symbol.

At our core, we are a technology company, not really a tee shirt design company, or perhaps a marketing company. We’ve gotten massive success selling shirts, but our backbone has always been our tech. Our vision is release these long-lasting, extremely valuable tools for marketers like yourselves.


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