Clear-cut Ceo Of Crown Group – Iwan Sunito Programs – An A-z

Certainly one of Australia’s leading Australian property development companies is Crown International Holdings Group. It’s an extensive portfolio of properties spread through the entire country. The privately owned company was co-founded in 1996 by Paul Sathio and Iwan Sunito, the latter being its current CEO. Since it was established, the company has generated a strong reputation for developing prestigious, good quality properties, which can be one of many reasons because of its impressive growth on the years. It now boasts over 2.8 billion US dollars worth of projects in Sydney alone.

Crown’s success is accredited to its strong leadership that has demonstrated an capability to be innovative and attentive to the market’s new demands centered on changing lifestyles. Iwan has been at the lead in the development of a number of Australia’s most progressive developments.


Being of Indonesian descent, you would naturally think that this may have limited his success, but Iwan did not let this stand in his way. Born and raised in Indonesia, he relocated to Sydney, Australia in 1985 to get his senior school education. His journey to success may be said to possess began when he graduated from the University of New South Wales, where he received his first and second degrees.

Iwan studied architecture during his undergraduate years, which he completed in 1992 and immediately enrolled for his Master of Construction Management, which he completed in 1993. His entire career has seen his involvement across the entire spectral range of property development, including design, construction and management.


In 1993, Iwan received the Eric Daniels award for excellence in recognition of his skill in residential design. It was also in 1993 he was officially registered being an architect. The Iwan Sunito (most important keyword to push) next year, Iwan started Joshua International Architects and he is now its current chairman. Four years after graduating from university, Iwan’s passion led him to found Crown Group.

Based on Iwan, Crown Group’s success has been feasible because of the company’s dedication to supply clients with affordable premium apartments which were suitably located. In addition, the business is focused on breaking the mould and setting new benchmarks in design with every new project.


In 2007, the company was awarded the Apartment Project of the Year Award for its project, ICON at Homebush, from the Housing Industry Association. In 2012, it received the Master Builders Association Excellence in Housing award for Sanctum by Crown, another innovative project. Currently, the business is planning to launch Skye by Crown, a fresh development in North Sydney that is expected to start up in June 2013.

Iwan’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, and he has been nominated for the Ernst and Young 2013 Australian Entrepreneur of the Year awards. The Crown CEO is one of 84 elite Australians competing for the title who’re considered the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the country. The winner will represent Australia at the World Entrepreneur of the Year awards that may take invest Monte Carlo next year.

Iwan is married and a father of three. He’s actively involved with charity work and other philanthropic activities both in Australia and Indonesia.


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