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The cloud nine wide straightener is available in a black hard case box that’s a gold cloud nine logo embossed at the top and side this box includes a cardboard sleeve, and is fairly heavy. It seems really impressive and will make a great “presentation gift “.

When you open the box there is a turquoise inlay across the straightener. With a card within the lid which reads ” We wish flexibility, creativity, individuality. We should look natural, We would like volume, body and shine. We would like healthy hair. In short, we wish an evolution in styling. Less heat more style. This is a really nice touch which adds a massive amount professional feel that you will get when you open the box.

The straighteners are set in a very moulded plastic case with a paper inset covering them. First impressions is how can I have them out. They lift out to one side, underneath is found the accessories, heat mat and styling guide/guarantee.

The straighteners themselves are smooth charcoal black they feel quite substantial not heavy but solid and well built. One of the first unique point of the C9 is its protective heat sleeve this is a translucent light blue sheaf that matches on the straighteners when not in use and keeps them together serving as both heat protector and safe storage I must say i liked the convenience of this over leaving them around open when hot or cooling down.

The straighteners have a built in 2 pin travel adaptor that can be used in the euro zone with the same voltage 90v 240v, 50Hz ac. On the handle may be the cloud nine logo inset in silver with further inset on the join. Inside is the controls a variable temperature control which goes from 0 to 230c underneath may be the security hologram. According to Cloud Nine these holograms could be counterfeited so they really integrated a RFID chip inside each pair. This “tags” each pair with there serial number making them impossible to copy as Cloud Nine Hair support the master list from the factory.

What’re they like to make use of

Once started up dry straight from the box they heated as much as base temperature of 30 degrees in around 30 seconds as much as mid range temp 150 degrees in 50 seconds.

I styled my hair at 150 following instructions for medium hair waves. The results where stunning quite simple the plates glide during your hair. The plates offer a little and look to truly have a special coating such as for instance a shiny mirror check out them. Cloud nine claim they have a secret ingredient that adds shine to the hair. I have to state this really works, although I work with a shine spray to finish.

I adjusted the temperature around max which can be 200 degrees Beep Cloud Help plus for the straight hair look. This took around 20 seconds around max temperature the indicator lights gradually build up and when temperatures achieved gives a resounding beep.

Again used the to straighten really great natural finish. The guide really helps providing guidance and tips of how to create and have the looks you want. Its very precise offering exact temperatures that needs to be used. I’ve fine hair so I use a a temperature protect serum before applying any heat to my hair. I use before blow drying or using hair irons for the sake of around £10 they last for a long time and keeps the hair protected over time. When I finished using unplugged popped on the sleeve back the box.


There are lots of hair straighteners on the market in the marketplace by different brands different high street names even. What’s different about Cloud Nine? they have an actual quality experience them, they feel substantial and a good investment for your own hair with the wonderful build quality there a critical hair iron. A great chance to have a little piece of hair salon quality.

Supported with a 24 month guarantee there a good buy for anyone intent on their hair. They look good and really impressive, so much that I do believe anyone wish to ask them to showing of within their dressing room.


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