Realistic Make Up Brush Set Includes 4 Brushes And A Fabulous Carry Case Secrets In The Usa

Professional makeup brushes are extremely dissimilar to lower quality brands. Granted, there will be a noticeable price difference, but cheaper brushes, which will have synthetic bristles, will break easily and are more likely to cause irritation to a vulnerable skin. Anyone buying a long lasting and all-round better quality brush will be more inclined to buy a specialist make-up brush, which will mostly have goat, squirrel or sable hair. The variation in brushes is a lot greater when buying top quality brushes as there are a number of different sizes and shapes targeted to the makeup artist.

There are many types of makeup brushes available, and a professional brush set should will have at least these:

1. Foundation Brush- The foundation brush is just a soft haired U-shaped brush that is usually quite large, enabling quick and easy coverage. Some makeup artists prefer to make use of wedge sponges for application but this choice is entirely up to the individual.

2. Powder Brush- This brush is better used in natural bristles and sets the foundation. The powder brush is just a large soft brush which sweeps across the whole face. It may have a rounded end which makes it easier to cover the curves of the face.

3. Blusher Brush- Just like the powder brush, soft natural bristles will achieve best results. The blusher

brush is really a fraction smaller compared to the powder brush allowing the artist to sweep controlled amounts of colour throughout the cheeks.

4. Concealer Brush- The concealer brush is Make Up Brush Set includes 4 Brushes and a Fabulous carry case mostly made from synthetic hair which makes it a slightly harder brush. It is a small rounded brush which is used to utilize concealer to any blemishes or red aspects of the face. As it is a smaller brush, it is simple to reach any areas that want covering e.g., corner of nose.

5. Applicator Brush- The applicator brush comes in synthetic or natural hair and can be found in several sizes. Employed for applying eye shadow, how big the brush used is dependent on the makeup being done. It is preferred to really have a smaller and a bigger applicator brush.

6. Blending Brush- The blending brush is essential in a brush set as its natural bristles eliminate any hard lines created from the applicator brush. Usually a great deal softer and rounder compared to the applicator brush, the blending brush makes it simple to maneuver the eye makeup to create a desired effect e.g., the smoky eye.

7. Angle Brush- The angled brush is mostly used for two purposes – to line the eyes or fill in the eyebrows. Available mostly in synthetic hair, the angle brush will be a lot harder compared to the other brushes and is shaped at a slanted angle. It is great for hard-to-reach corners and thin regions of the eyebrow.

8. Lipstick Brush- The lipstick brush can be acquired with synthetic and natural bristles rendering it slightly harder and therefore easier to line the mouth. It is just a small V-shaped brush which can be used to both line the edges of the lips and fill them in with colour.

When using brushes it is very important to consider to completely clean them on a regular basis. What this means is that they can keep going longer and destroys any bacteria build up. Brushes can be cleaned having an isopropyl alcohol based brush cleaner. Professionals should clean brushes between each use and others are advised to wash their brushes at least once every 3 months.

It’s not necessary to pay top prices for a couple of top quality natural bristle brushes. Brushes will have to be replaced periodically and can be ordered separately to enhance your brush set. In order to protect your brushes, it is advised to help keep them in a case where they cannot be damaged. This also makes it easier to carry and organise your brushes while working.

Other essential items in a makeup kit include wedge sponges, Q tips, makeup cleansers and obviously, your makeup!

Samantha Griffin is a professional hair and makeup artist trained at Brushstroke School of Hair and Makeup at Shepperton Studios, London, UK. Samantha did in fashion, theatre and film and is a freelance hair and makeup artist.


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