Updates On Simple Programs For My Friendly Maid – San Antonio Maid Service

It’s a known proven fact that in tough economic times, vacancy signs are a consistent fixture. Over the last year we’ve confirmed it is a buyer’s market. Take full advantage! As the increased accessibility to rental units grows so will the likelihood your landlord and/or property management will be ready to accept offering additional incentives or lower rent. Obviously under normal conditions (and based on where you are located) seeking better rental terms could My Friendly Maid – San Antonio Maid Service be a computerized “no”, however today’s current conditions aren’t normal. Whether you are currently renting and trying to find better terms or searching for a brand new place and hoping to negotiate the best terms up-front will impact the way you initiate the discussion along with your landlord. If you’re a current tenant in good financial standing (i.e., bills are paid on time) and haven’t been the reason for difficulties with neighbors or landlord then your possibility of you negotiating lower rent is much higher. And if you’re a new tenant; do not be discouraged. Vacancies still have to be filled and with a little research and by asking a couple of questions the end result could be a positive result.

1) Bring your “A” game. Sometimes there are certain intimidation factors when tenants talk with landlords. I am not sure why especially considering that the landlord and/or property management needs you merely around you will need them (especially in tough economic times). So the best first step is to come quickly to the negotiating table fully prepared with all research in hand. This will include knowing the rents on comparable properties in the area and any promotions which can be available (i.e., first month free or no deposit required). Also, don’t be afraid to mention any outstanding issues along with your unit. If you have a water leak, paint has started to chip, certain appliances have failed to operate properly or even although you are experiencing a pest control issues; they are the items you ought to mention if the landlord/property management is initially reluctant to offer better terms.

2) Look for everything and more. It never hurts to request a lot more than you realize what you will actually receive. Remember, the worst thing that may happen could be the landlord says no; so you will want to look for $200 off the rent, maid service and free internet (together). You need to use this as a starting place for the negotiation. Even though you finally settle on terms that just includes $50 off the rent and free internet; this really is still an excellent improvement from the lease agreement you’d before.

3) Lower rent shouldn’t be the only goal. Sometimes negotiating a much better lease agreement will mean the landlord will provide non-monetary incentives. The purpose is to get select benefits that’ll boost your standard of living while surviving in your apartment. These incentives can include the landlord providing: a) regularly scheduled lawn care b) cable and/or internet c) maid service, etc. While none of those equate to less money being paid monthly, it does permit a better comfort and relieves some stress you could have endured by taking on those tasks yourself. One additional consideration is lots of the aforementioned benefits also maintain the caliber of the rental unit so it’s likely that the landlord won’t object to these incentives.


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