Major Aspects In Wheelchair Van – An Analysis

Wheelchair vans are freely for wheelchair vans sale in the United States, either for outright purchase and for rental in every cities and towns. Mini and full-size commercial utility vehicles include converted wheelchair accommodation facilities. These vehicles are fitted with either a slam or a raise, or both, in line with the wishes of the client. They are available in raised roof or lowered floor models. These wheelchair vans are made to provide safe, reliable, affordable and convenient alternatives for disabled persons and patients for improved mobility.

Wheelchair accessible vans offer other features for the ease of persons using wheelchairs. These vans have the ability for 1 or 2 wheelchairs. On specific request, they are often converted to support mobile scooters also. Front and rear air-con is optional. They are also designed with 4-point or 5-point tie downs for the wheelchairs, along with seal belts. Total hand controls, 6-way power seat in driver position, power steering, and outside entry controls are also available as other optional features.

Wheelchair vans can be found in two types of conversion. They’re side entry wheelchair vans and rear entry wheelchair vans. Commercial vans are converted with a slam or a lift or both for the transportation of disabled persons or patients. Side entry wheelchair vans are suited to wheelchair persons who wish to drive on their own. Rear entry wheelchair vans are meant for folks who can’t drive or those who wish to avoid driving.

Commercial wheelchair vans are normally Ford Windstar, Ford Freestar, Ford Mercury Monterey and Dodge Grand Caravan, converted to suit persons using wheelchairs. Several dealers also offer Chevrolet, GM, Plymouth, Honda and Toyota vans in wheelchair converted models. Both new and used vans are available for outright purchase or for lease or rent. These commercial wheelchair vans are employed for non-emergency medical transportation, airport/city taxi services, community transport, paratransit service, etc.

There are many dealers in all the cities that buy and sell new and used commercial wheelchair vans at affordable prices. Further, several travel operators either rent or lease such commercial wheelchair vans at reasonable rates for the capability of disabled persons and patients. These vans may be fitted with extra accessories to suit disabled sports persons for carrying their sports accessories.

The ramps of commercial wheelchair vans are normally spring counter-balanced, bi-fold manual ramp types, with magnetic anti-rattle provisions. Some van dealers provide electronic or hydraulic operated ramps. However, the manual types tend to be more dependable and an easy task to maintain.

The foot plates are removable foot plate types or flip-forward hinged foot plate type. The lowered floor or raised roof conversions further facilitate travel convenience for wheelchair persons. The ground is of fiberglass, supported by steel frames, with anti-slip rolling surface incorporated.


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