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Talent Management Reviews: The New Internal Recruitment Method

What’re talent management reviews? The bottom line is, talent management reviews are the latest,

greatest way of performing effective recruitment within a large organisation, by recruiting from

your existing talent pool. How does this work? The procedure can be broken into lots

of key areas that will be explained in this article.

To start with, how can talent management reviews work? It’s very simple. The principle of it’s

to discover which members of your team, or people already employed by the company, have

what it takes to become leading members of the team in future months and years. There are always a

amount of great benefits for this. Firstly, you are investing in your staff. Best wishes directors and

managers know that to become successful company you have to have successful staff. While

you can ask people to self develop, they are unlikely to get this done for prolonged periods of time if

their effort isn’t rewarded with a timely promotion. Meaning that you’ll require to centralise a

development programme within the firm.

Make formal training a regular process in your company or team. Meaning, you ought to set

a reading list, invite staff to training events, and set up team building exercises and projects in

line along with your company KPIs. All of these initiatives will help your team progress what they do

and enhance the output of the firm as a whole. In a nutshell, that’s the essence of an effective

company – people working together effectively.

What else needs to be done to do effective talent management reviews? Well, it’s simple,

its the review process itself! Meaning you’ll need to manage to reserve time to conduct

progress reviews together with your staff. You will need to ensure that you detect the progress that the

team is making and set them targets for improvement. There is no point investing in training if it

can’t be measured and that is where review meetings and performance assessments come in.

They’re absolutely critical to make sure you get an ROI!

In your performance review meetings you will need to to begin with set some goals. Goals are

important to any or all members of staff and should be aligned making recruitment talent management reviews use of their KPIs, or Key Performance

Indicators. This may set a precedent for what is expected of the staff and suggest to them they

aren’t expected to stay in a dead end position. They should understand that by working hard they are able to

advance up the career ladder.

Once some goals are set in your first meeting you must then schedule regular followup

meetings either every quarter or each month to track progress. Make sure that the employee is

clear what their goals are and what is expected of them inside their talent management reviews

meetings. Then, in most meetings since the director or manager it’s your job to assess the

progress of the employee. Are they regularly hitting their targets and exist areas for

improvement? Those are the goals for the meeting next month if you can find shortfalls.

Through this approach of goal setting and tracking, you can enhance the performance of staff as

well as motivate them. Through regular talent management reviews, you are able to learn who your top

staff are and discover if they are ready for higher roles and positions in the company. Let your

staff show you who works hard and why they deserve more responsibility!


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