News On Rapid Products For Natural Burial Ground

With many people attempting to turn back their approaches to a simpler, healthier green life, comes a fresh considered how to leave as little effect on the earth as you are able to in your death. In past history, when people died they certainly were wrapped in an umbrella and put into the ground. Their bodies decomposed quickly and left very little impact on their surroundings. Just this week my children and I were discussing how on the Oregon Trail when people died, they certainly were often times buried next to the trail or underneath the road itself. The latter needless to say was to help keep animals from digging up the burial site because the wagons would compact the dirt within the grave.

As years passed people didn’t want to think of their loved ones bodies decaying so quickly or being buried so near the dirt. They began to buy caskets that can stand the test of time, lined with silks and sealed to guard their loved ones as long as possible. The bodies of the deceased were filled up with preservatives to prolong the decaying process. Not just has this become a pricey process, but has made an impact on our earth too.

There’s now a new revolution. Return to the olden days of yester year. It’s not too they just bury their cherished one in the trunk yard, or on some side street. But turning your burial right into a green one is not that difficult. You will find biodegradable caskets, your body does not have to be preserved and you can choose to be buried in a grave yard that is “green” friendly. The grave yard will be naturally maintained alone and will promote healthy wild life, trees and flowers.

This excerpt taken from Green Burials.Org discusses the countless advantages of selecting a green burial. “In keeping with your personal values, an all-natural burial site for you, family, even pets, promotes growth of native trees, shrubs and wildflowers, subsequently bringing birds and other wildlife to the area. Water isn’t wasted, nor are pesticides and herbicides used in attempts to control nature. Instead, a natural cemetery allows nature take it’s course. Planting native trees, shrubs and flowers in your loved one’s honor promotes habitat restoration. To encourage land preservation, a natural cemetery grants a conservation easement for the burial site.”

If you or perhaps a cherished one is interested in a green burial, feel free to get hold of your local funeral director. They can give you any pros and cons that may be natural burial ground very important to you. It is possible to plan ahead for a green burial. If this sort of burial interests you, make sure to let family and friends know your wishes beforehand to combat any confusion.


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