Realistic Marketo Launchpoint Systems – A Closer Look

While email is still one of the very marketo launchpoint popular types of digital communication, the way folks are reading and receiving their email is steadily changing. More and more individuals are now accessing their email from a mobile device – whether it is a good phone or even a tablet. The latest statistics claim that Mobile email usage has increased by 81%. Naturally, this radical increase is changing the way marketers design and implement their email marketing campaigns. Below are a few of the most crucial what to consider when conceptualising a message marketing campaign for mobile.

Keep subject lines short

One of the biggest challenges posed by mobile email is the lack of physical space. Smaller screens means that text that easily displays on desktop may be chopped short on mobile devices. In order to create maximum impact, subject lines must be short and punchy – preferably less than 15 characters. Additionally, try to group the most crucial and exciting section of one’s subject line in the very first 50% of the line to be able to entice subscribers to open, even though the whole line isn’t displayed.

Concise text copy

In regards to email for mobile devices, it is critical that most the copy in the e-mail body is kept readable, concise and to-the-point. Readers of mobile email are time-starved and on-the-go and simply don’t have time or patience to learn by way of a long, text-heavy mailer on the mobile device. Recipients of mobile email are also disinclined to scroll down – so emails that are too lengthy have a greater chance of being discarded half-way through if recipients find them too long-winded.

Use text rather than rich media, HTML

Although email marketers should have a great time and test out the myriad of possibilities that rich media provides campaigns that are made to target mobile users should rather give attention to text-based mailers. You want your subscribers to have the ability to view your email no real matter what device they’re viewing it on – and text may be the simplest way to ensure that that happens. Certain email marketing applications provide marketers with the option of sending both a text and HTML mailer. Another helpful hint: make sure all links in your text email is clear and visible while also replacing images with readable text.

Size of the e-mail

Mobile email necessarily means smaller display – that is something that your brand needs to take into consideration when designing campaigns. Marketo reckons that sticking with a decision between 500-600px (320px for Blackberry) should ensure favourable display results. Graphics should also be kept to the absolute minimum because they often cause rendering issues for mobile email recipients. Mobile device graphics may come through as links or blank space and the recipient that’ll raise the likelihood of subscribers deleting the message before they even start reading.

Call to action and clickable links

Due to the concise nature and limited space of mobile email marketing, a call to action must certanly be clearly visible and comprehensible. Since email that has been optimised for mobile has to be simplified in terms of design, the call to actions must be especially strong. Similarly, any clickable links need to be apparent and an easy task to select – links which can be small and hidden will undoubtedly be passed over by scrolling fingertips.


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