Ar-15 Slings – Picking The Best Rifle Sling For Your Ar-15

What to look for when picking your first tactical sling or AR-15 sling or rifle sling for your new rifle. Gun owners are not just a little opinionated about issues and topics around AR-15 Slings, AR-15′s specifically, and guns generally.

Rather than add another opionated voice to a well covered topic, lets just keep it simple” is probably a better way to go.

What should a rifle sling do for your AR-15 or M4, and how should it best do it?

It needs to bear the weight of your rifle with a full magazine, accessories etc…

The main purpose of of a rifle sling is just that, to allow you to SLING your weapon in a way that allows you maximum mobility, maximum enhancement of a snap to site line, and maximum comfort during the time you have your weapon slung.

Get a rifle sling with 1.25 inch webbing, rather than 1.00 inch webbing. Over a day in the field, that little .25 of an inch makes a big difference in weight bearing comfort. There’s just no sense using 1 inch webbing on an tactical rifle sling. Quality 1.25 inch Slings can be had for a pretty decent price.It should always be useful, and never something that finds you saying “I wish this darn sling wasn’t in my way!”

Don’t just use a 2 point sling… use a 1 point sling/ 2 point sling that has the versatility of both slings in one, and is suited to as many of your tactical or hunting conditions as is possible. What are your needs today? Are you needing a CQB (Close Quarter Battle) sling? Or, will you be doing a lot of hiking and game tracking? A good AR-15 Rifle Sling or Rifle Sling does both.

It should have the flexibility to adjust it specifically for your rifle, body type, and shooting style…

You should have a lot of adjustment possibilities, so you can keep the weapon from hanging too low, beating your knees during movement, overall comfort, etc…

The STI 1 point/2 point sling lets you add or remove webbing slack at the regular strap buckle, and also give you the ability to make fast slackening or tightening moves, to your specifications, with the sling’s SpeedLoop… and do so in moments.

It’s functional design should be such that you can safely and effectively use it without fumbles tangles or snags, with a minimum of training.

Making good tactical use of most 3 point slings can be a challenge. There is an excess of unmanaged webbing that can cause tangles and fumbles. The STI 1 Point sling can give you the versatility and flexibility of most of the tactical functions of a more complicated 3 point sling, and yet the webbing is always under YOUR easy management, and rapidly convertible into the configuration of your choice. No more fumbles or tangles.It should ADD to the utility of your rifles mission intent, not DETRACT from it.

Our sling is design to make your chosen rifle platform an extension of your tactical movement and usage. You are always clear of tangles, your rifle sling is “dialed in” and if need be can be left slung hands free, yet in a moment snapped up to site line, aimed and fired, literally in a moment.

Take a look at the STI AR 15 Sling – 1 point 2 point sling, avaiable only on

Take the time to play around with the adjustment possibilities. You’ll see why our type of sling design has come into wide usage with AR 15 Slings – Best rated buys professionals everywhere.


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