Insights Into Advice For Tens Pulse Massager Unit

Safe for a mother and her baby, the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine is a drug free approach to relieving labor pain. TENS is just a device that sends low frequency electronic pulses through your skin to block pain signals from being provided for the brain. In addition, it stimulates pain killing hormones called endorphins. For a pregnant woman, the pulses inhibit pain messages which come from the cervix and womb, thereby reducing pain.

A TENS machine sends electrical pulses to specific areas on the rear using wires and three or four small adhesive pads with electrodes. The electrodes are connected by wires to a battery operated pulsar. Two pads are placed below the bra line and two are put above the panty line. A pregnant woman runs on the hand held control and delivers gentle electric currents which go the precise location of the electrodes. Depending on the intensity of the pain, a lady can control the rate and strength of the electrical pulses.

TENS machines have two currents for the childbirth process. A tougher current is employed during contractions and a lighter current can be used between contractions. Whenever a TENS machine is defined on a top pulse rate it prompts the pain’doorway’to close. This prevents the pain signal from reaching the brain. When the device is set on a low pulse rate, the body is stimulated into releasing a unique endorphins.

TENS is most effective when used at the onset of labor. This permits for an early on develop of pain killing endorphins. When the appropriate current strength has been achieved, the positive effects are immediate. The longer the delay in employing the TENS, the less efficient the stimulator will be.

Advantages of TENS machines are numerous and include:

– The user has control over the electronic impulse

– They are portable so one maintains mobility while they use it

– You can add other drugs without any fear of a reaction

– You will find no negative effects to the mother and baby

– TENS machines have already been used successfully to take care of a selection of other conditions such as headaches, back pain, insomnia and postpartum depression.

Many mothers are uncomfortable with using pain medication during labor because they bother about drowsiness making them struggling to nurse or bond properly for many hours after the birth. With TENS machines, you will find no such concerns because the machines may be used safely throughout the labor process with no negative side effects. Many women report a pleasing feeling when employing a TENS machine. Although it produces a mild “pins and needles’feeling, many women have said they think Tens Pulse Massager Unit a tingling sensation that’s not painful.


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