Step-by-step Speedy Methods Of V2 Cigs Ex Battery

The photovoltaic industry is definitely an industry of new energy source and an environment-friendly zero carbon energy source as well. Comparing with the silicon cell, the hull cell which created from CIGS and CdTe has advantages of low priced, high efficiency and reliability, high efficiency of light-energy conversion and short energetic recycling circle, helping to make the hull cell industry become increasingly potential. However, additionally it faces great challenges.

Material supplied won’t be the restrictive factor. The solar battery is the one which can convert solar energy to electrical energy and the battery that is of high conversion efficiency requires some special material. In this way, CIGS and CdTe semiconductor material have high optical absorb coefficient, rendering it a good choice for the solar battery. Furthermore, the conversion efficiency will soon be promoted much more in the future.

Viewing from the material aspect, the indium is a kind of rare material and it is mainly essential for large-scale production of solar batteries. In terms of CdTe hull cell, Cd and Te are both important material. It established fact that Cd is poisonous and Te is rare on our planet, therefore, the material source and safety are both problems which are drawn much attention. In accordance condition, there is no poison when the 2 end up being the compound. V2 Cigs Ex Battery


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