Step-by-step Painless Secrets In Wafer Processing Equipment And Plastic Thermoforming

Thermoforming is the procedure of heating huge plastic sheets right into a high temperature and cooling them in the required format. Vacuum forming is really a sub process or a form of thermoforming where vacuum is applied in involving the molds and the plastic to generate various shapes. Thermoforming has several advantages and disadvantages set alongside the other plastic molding methods like injection molding. As well as vacuum forming, various other methods like drape forming, twin sheet forming and pressure forming can be incorporated alongside thermoforming to make different type of products. Several forms of plastic may be molded in the method.

Disadvantages of thermoforming

1. Thermoforming is fairly costly. Compared to other methods like injection molding, this technique can cost as much as 50% more.

2. Large plastic sheets are Wafer Processing Equipment and Plastic Thermoforming used in the method. They need to be fed into the rollers again and again. This results in lots of extrusion.

3. The plastic street is stretched in the under some pressure in this method. Hence the products formed using thermoforming break at a certain temperature.

4. Thermoforming uses more plastic than other methods. Nearly 10 to 20% more plastic is used to make any product in this method. This adds to cost and creates extensive wastage too.

Features of thermoforming

There are many advantages in that way regardless of every one of these disadvantages.

1. Thermoforming is the only method in which huge plastic sheets could be molded into huge objects. All other methods are employed for making small objects only.

2. Though the process is costly, the equipment necessary for the trade or quite cheap. Injection molding machinery is nearly 33% costlier than the Thermoforming machinery tools.

3. A number of different products can be ready in the thermoforming machines. Only certain products can prepare yourself in other machines. Nearly all kinds of plastic can be utilized for the plastic. Other methods use only specific plastic for production.

4. Skilled labor to work the thermoforming machineries can be found in abundant. But, laborers capable of operating machineries of injection molding or vacuum forming are very less.

There are numerous more advantages in the method. Though costly and somewhat time-consuming thermoformed items are preferred by all the packaging industries because of their high quality.


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