Uncovering Painless Free Homeschool Curriculum Secrets

Discovering the right mix of lessons can be a great task for parents who don’t want to be bound by a certain curriculum for their needs. Easy Peasy All in One homeschool offers variety and flexibility for the beginning homeschooler who is searching for their way round the process. And, did we mention it is completely free?

Homeschooling can be expensive. Buying materials for more than one child for all of their subjects each year that they’re in school will add up. Additionally there are the organizational materials to create a comfortable homeschool classroom environment. Some parents can afford it while others do what they can.

When you feel strongly about wanting to teach your young ones in the home, cost is the past thing that will stand in your way. Homeschooling parent Lee Giles understands that. She knows that finances aren’t always conducive to buying what you need when you really need it. She decided to create it easy by posting her children’s lessons on line as free lessons for other children.

She’s painstakingly compiled complete subject lessons for grades pre-K throughout high school. All of the lessons aren’t posted, but she comes with everything necessary for at the very least preschool through ninth grade. If the kids are young, by the full time they reach senior school everything should maintain place. She adds new lessons and subjects because they are completed.

What is Included

You will find all the free resources that you might want to begin with homeschooling your son or daughter right now on Lee’s website. What will you’ll need? You will find pages that need to be printed out which means you will be needing free homeschool curriculum a printer and needless to say some type of computer by having an Internet connection. As well as that, pencils, paper, scissors, glue and crayons or colored pencils. If anything else will become necessary, each lesson plan will detail it for you. Every lesson plan contains live links to materials required for that subject for that day.

It all begins with Getting Ready.This is the program for preschoolers. They’re taught reading readiness along side lesson plans for math and language arts. Lee has her own unique take on reading. On her children (and the lesson plans that she posts on the site), she uses these method. First, she teaches letter names and sounds. Next she teaches reading through memorization of sight words. Lastly, she teaches phonics. The procedure takes about two years for kids to complete. By first grade, kids are beginning to learn from McGuffey’s First Reader.


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