Practical Advice For Dog Training Northern Virginia Around The Uk

I was recently in a cultural setting where I was asked about my dog, Rocco. Rocco is my Rottweiler who has undergone extensive protection Dog Training Northern Virginia. We were engrossed in a discussion about his training and capabilities when we were overheard by another person.

“Oh, you shouldn’t train your pet to achieve that stuff. Which makes them vicious,” was her statement injected into our conversation. I was initially a little taken-aback and annoyed; not merely was her comment unsolicited but it was based on a lack of knowledge. As I considered it more, however, I came to appreciate that this can be a common design of thinking. There are lots of misconceptions about protection dogs and protection dog training. Let me dispel some of the myths of protection dogs and talk about protection dog training at its root to combat a number of the more prevalent misinformation.

First, let me do a little bit of defining. There are many terms thrown around which can be often interchanged incorrectly.

Attack Dog- A defectively trained, typically anti-social, and fearful creature. Ineffective aside from looking tough.

Guard Dog- A dog that’s trained to guard an area. Guard dogs are often applied to estates, warehouses, or open areas that need guarding. Guard dogs may or may possibly not be good with people and may or may not have obedience training.

Police Patrol Dog- A dog that’s trained to work chasing down criminals. They’re trained to be applied to the offensive.


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