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Top immigration attorneys stand to be those types of afflicted with immigration reform, so what’re their applying for grants the problem? Although we can’t speak for all, the overall attitude across the board is that change is necessary. Immigration reform gets the potential to ease the backlog produced by the current immigration structure and lay an enduring foundation for the future.

The Impact of Past Immigration Reform

In 1986, immigration reform led to 3 million’legalized’immigrants. Employers were penalized for employing illegal immigrants, and legal status was handed to unlawful immigrants who’d been present since January 1st, 1982, and who had not been convicted of a critical crime. Legalization resulted in a natural card, which eventually triggered citizenship. However, Immigration and Naturalization Services was underfunded and understaffed, and was abolished in 2003.

The Current State of Immigration

You will find two main roads to a natural card: family and employment. 675,000 green cards are available every year, and it is not first-come, first-serve. 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas are granted annually, distributed on a desire basis. Each category has its line and moves at a unique pace. Top immigration attorneys http://reformainmigratoriaabogado.com/ have identified the five main preference categories:

First: Priority workers – 40,000 annual visas

Second: Advanced degree professionals & individuals of exceptional ability – 40,000 annual visas

Third: Professional, skilled, and unskilled workers – 40,000 annual visas

Fourth: Religious workers – 10,000 annual visas

Fifth: EB-5 investors – 10,000 annual visas

This multi-path system has led to a huge backlog in processing applicants and confusion in the process.

Legal and Illegal Immigration

Legal and illegal immigration are two sides of the exact same coin. The basic road to legal immigration would be to enter the US on a lasting visa, leading to a natural card, and finally, citizenship. A non-immigrant, or temporary visa, could arrive at the US as a guest, student, or temporary employee. When you overstay or violate the terms of the visa, you are out-of-status in the United States. In the event that you don’t depart, you become one of the 11 million unlawful immigrants in the US.

Current immigration law may be confusing, and it doesn’t appeal to the country’s immigration needs. Top immigration attorneys, who deal with the people affected on a daily basis, recognize the necessity for an overhaul. Streamlining the immigration process will help keep families together, bring skilled workers to the United States, and lighten the pressure on the current system.


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