Practical Branded Entertainment O2 Media Plans Explained

How do you deliver a marketing message to a Web-audience that hates advertising? A couple of years back I proposed a solution based on short-form television-style programs: the “120 Second Solution,” two minute brand-story commercials formatted in a tiny three act Web-video presentation. Today this concept is known as Branded Entertainment: a two to seven minute commercial that combines content, advertising, and entertainment in a brandname story format designed to attract and hold an audience’s attention while delivering a memorable core marketing message.

Commitment To A Core Message

Of course not everyone has the deep pockets needed to hire Jason Bateman, but with proper planning and implementation a branded entertainment video campaign is at your fingertips of most successful small and mid-sized companies.

The single biggest obstacle in implementing this kind of campaign isn’t the price, but rather, the commitment to a method and format most business owners find hard to swallow: the necessity to focus about the same core reason why customers should purchase your product or service and to deliver that message in certain bold or offbeat manner.

The Goal Is Quality Engagement NOT Traffic

For the common Web business it is essential to consider that huge viral numbers don’t come from clever campaigns alone, but rather, are the result of great campaigns plus advertising support, extensive pr, and paid-blog placement. That’s not to imply that small and medium-sized companies shouldn’t pursue this method but rather, the goal of these campaigns should really be quality engagement not quantity traffic – an even more affordable and productive objective.

How To Deliver Break-Through Advertising

There are various ways to accomplish what ad agencies call break-through advertising, Branded Entertainment O2 Media however in every case those methods demand content that stands out from the crowd, be it humorous, offbeat, alarming or perhaps plain entertaining, when it doesn’t standout it won’t make a connection, and your website presentation will soon be instantly forgotten.

The best and most complete exemplory instance of branded entertainment that I have experienced was the brilliant Shredded Wheat “The Palace of Light” campaign. It absolutely was very funny while delivering a robust marketing message. Unfortunately the campaign is no more running, but if you can find some of the videos on the Web, they are definitely worth seeing. They are great samples of how to show advertising into content, and content into a wonderful experience.

Why Branded Entertainment Works

If branded entertainment is done right, it engages an audience, it informs and enlightens, it entertains and amuses, it’s meaningful and memorable and potentially viral. Branded entertainment is more than advertising, it’s marketing, and it was created to influence attitudes, change perceptions, and prompt action.


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